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The Best of Athens Greece A Guide for Tourists

The Best of Athens Greece A Guide for Tourists

Before you get too excited, read below to find some great tips on traveling to Athens. If you plan, make sure

your Athens vacation is the best it can be! Arriving in Athens: With a Greek travel agent, you may be afraid to use a

travel agent with whom you are unfamiliar – especially from a foreign country. Do not be afraid to use a reputable

A Greek travel agent is possibly the safest and most affordable way to plan your visit to Athens. There are several

reasons why using a Greek travel agent will help your travels go more smoothly. Yes, they are very familiar with the

Athens region and can guide you to the right hotel, activities, and travel methods during your stay. A travel agent not

located in Greece will not always be able to offer the best possible options. Second, a Greek travel agent often has

The Best of Athens Greece A Guide for Tourists

access to more discounted packages for hotels, rental cars, cruises, resort packages, tours, flight tickets, etc. Thirdly,

if you are having problems during your stay, getting lost or losing something, a travel agent who is located in

Athens can help you right away. When your travel agent is thousands of miles away, you’re pretty much

alone! Schedules and travel agentsSchedules are a very different ballpark when it comes to planning your trip. If you

use a Greek travel agent, you have access to the latest ferry schedules. Ferry boats are used to travel to and from the

Greek islands, so you can plan your trip at the right times if you plan to visit an island while you are in Athens. The

problem with timetables is that they are usually published and changed at the last minute. So, even using the

The Best of Athens Greece A Guide for Tourists

internet to search for your flight plan is not always right. The last thing you need is to be stranded on an

island! Recommended hotels in AthensWhen planning your trip to Athens, make sure you understand where your

hotel is located, what rating it has and the cost of staying there. Many hotels and resorts are available in Athens, but

you want to make sure that it meets your needs. The best way to know for sure is to talk to a travel agent and explain

what kind of space and price you want. Major areas to stay in Athens include Makrianni, Plaka, Thission, Syntagma,

Koukaki and Monastiraki. These are within walking distance of many of the main attractions and attractions in

Athens, so you should avoid driving as much as possible in the city. These areas also border the Acropolis and its

The Best of Athens Greece A Guide for Tourists

surrounding archeological park. Shops, restaurants, taxis, ferries, buses, etc. are also in the vicinity of these

areas. Below is a list of some great hotels in Athens, some are exclusive and others are family-oriented or cheap. Avra

RafinaAvra Rafina is a large three-star hotel located close to the ferry. It is a great place to stay if you want to be away

fromthe city life of Athens and visit the islands. Hotel Athens PlazaThis is a nice hotel that has a building on

Syntagma Square as well as a building that sits far from Great Britain. It is elegant and the price shows it! Armonia

Hotel The Armonia Hotel is located in the center of Athens in a quiet beach location. It is close to the airport with

The Best of Athens Greece A Guide for Tourists

easy access to cruise ships and ferriesElectra Palace HotelThe Electra Palace Hotel is a recently renovated A-Class

Hotel.  The place is in Plaka and is just two blocks from Syntagma Square.Astor HotelThe Astor Hotel is an A-class

hotel located just half a block from Syntagma Square. It offers a delicious breakfast in the restaurant, a roof garden, a

gift shop, and more!  The rooms are well-appointed and have central heating, air conditioning, color TV, and radio.

Upper-level rooms have balconies. Athens Cypria HotelThis hotel is on a small street just a few blocks from Syntagma

Square, and close to the pedestrian-friendly shopping street – Ermou. It is also close to the Plaka and the

The Best of Athens Greece A Guide for Tourists

archeological sites. The Adams HotelThe Adams Hotel is family-owned and operated. It has been completely

renovated and all rooms now have TVs, bathrooms, air conditioning and some have balconies with a terrace. It is on

a quiet street in Plaka and is just a block from Kydatheneon Street. Even if it is not fancy, the renovation of this hotel

has helped immensely with comfort and appearance! Cecil HotelThis hotel is housed in a neo-classical building in

ancient Athens. It is close to the Old Market and the New City Market. The central pedestrian street is also nearby.

Lycabettus Hill, Syntagma, Acropolis and Philopappus.

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