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Massage Therapists: Aloe Vera – Best Remedy for Sunburn

Massage Therapists: Aloe Vera – Best Remedy for Sunburn

Sunburn, literally burning the upper layer of the skin with excessive sun exposure, is best removed with liberal and

frequent application of Aloe vera gel. It is a natural product, provides immediate, soothing relief, and promotes the

healing process.  live in a sunny resort or not. Vacation destinations that are far sunnier than where they live,

more often than not lead to a painful sunburn. That is just a fact. This is true despite the prevalence of public service

announcements warning of the risk and imminent danger of skin cancer, as well as the sheer number of sunscreens

and sunscreens available in almost every store to prevent sunburn.  blistering sunburn. And, of course, no sunbath is

complete without unsightly peeling, peeling, and itching of the skin, as the epidermis recovers from damage. Growing

Massage Therapists: Aloe Vera – Best Remedy for Sunburn

up in Southern California, I happen to know one or two things about sunburn – in fact, many more things than I

would like to know. Specifically, I grew up in Los Angeles, where almost every week and even some Saturdays from

my childhood were spent on the beach. My mother was going to the beach and relaxing after a hard week at work,

lying on the sand with a good book while soaking up the sun. Our job — mine and my brother’s — was to play in the

waves and dig endless holes in the sand. We were often asked if we were digging in China. No, just digging. As a

result, we returned home exhausted and sunburned every week.Every spring, starting in the early sixties, for variety,

my family tried to break through a hundred miles east to the Palm Springs Desert. Crystal clear sky, swaying palm

Massage Therapists: Aloe Vera – Best Remedy for Sunburn

trees, scorching hot sun, shimmering pools, with warm night temperatures and indigo sky covered with gazilion

stars, n. They waited. Sometimes we only went for the weekend, sometimes for the whole week. in the air-

conditioned motel room, packed with the then-“new” product, Noxema, to soothe our furious sunburns. The white

cream in the cobalt-blue jar was a staple in our house during the sixties and seventies. Developed in 1914 as a

sunblock, it was originally called Townsend R22. In the early sixties, it was discovered that it also improves eczema,

giving it its new name and re-launch as Knoxema.  Camphor is a natural remedy for pain relief; Menthol has derived

Massage Therapists: Aloe Vera – Best Remedy for Sunburn

soothing relief. We did not have sunscreen by itself at the time, and the only sunscreen I can remember was It

There was always a bottle

of it at the bottom of the beach bag, as I recall, but we rarely used it. It’s not just the obvious bright, sunny days that

can burn your skin. I got more than my share of bad sunburns on the beach or water on cloudy days. As a

teenager, ordinary attempts to damage my skin were common in the past. Sunbathing was “cool” and it was popular

to use baby oil, Hawaiian tropical oil, or Cocoa butter to achieve the desired skin tone with brown berries. Some of my

Massage Therapists: Aloe Vera – Best Remedy for Sunburn

friends even used plain butter! It makes me want to shrink thinking about what we did with our future skin.

Unfortunately, when you have ultra-light skin like mine, it is difficult to get a deep complexion regardless of the

helpful and beautiful Noxema treatment . I remember the first time I tried to “take out” sunbathing on the

beach – to give up all that teenager who was digging and walking on the waves – actually “throwing out”. I spent the

whole day patiently lying on the beach and carefully rotating my body every fifteen to thirty minutes. I have never

Wonderful 2nd-degree sunburn that

splashed on my skin two weeks later. It was so bad that I had scars for years. It was fun. Fortunately, as the

years went by, my search for the perfect complexion became less and less important, especially when they became.

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