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Latest Developments In Science And Technology

Latest Developments In Science And Technology

According to a report released on May 23, 2013, researchers at the University of London in the UK have conducted

the largest consecutive survey of human diseases to date. In their research, scientists examined the genetic basis of

six autoimmune diseases. The exact cause of these diseases is autoimmune thyroid disease, celiac disease, con

disease, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and type 1 diabetes, but is considered to be a complex combination of genetic

and environmental factors. Scientists who have published their findings in the journal Nature estimated that rare

variants of risk genes account for about 3 percent of the genetic inheritance of these conditions, which can be

explained by common variants. It is said that the genetic risk of these diseases probably includes a complex

Latest Developments In Science And Technology

combination of hundreds of weak side effects that are common in humans. Bio-engineers make non-conductive

fabricBioengineers at the University of California, USA, on May 21, 2013, invented a waterproof fabric that can wipe

the skin with the help of micro-liquid technology. The new fabric works like human skin. Turns excess skin into droplets

that they drain. In their research, they invented a new micro-liquid platform using water-absorbing (hydrophilic)

threads that were kneeling on waterproof fabric. They were able to make specimens of threads that sucked water

from one side of the fabric, carried them along the threads, and eventually chased them away from the other. Threads

are not just about water passing through capillary motion. The waterproof properties of the surrounding fabric help

Latest Developments In Science And Technology

to get the water out of the canals. Unlike conventional fabrics, the water pump effect continues to work due to the

pressure caused by the surface tension of the droplets, even when the conductive fibers are fully saturated. The

remaining tissues remain completely dry. By adjusting the pattern of the conductive fibers and how they are sewn on

each side of the fabric, researchers can control where the skin is gathered and where it flows externally. Human skin

cells become embryonic stem cells according to a report released on May 16, 2013, in a major medical discovery,

scientists for the first time transformed human skin cells into embryonic stem cells. These newly formed stem cells

are capable of becoming another type of cell in the human body. Cloned wounds created by scientists at the Oregon

National Center for Primary Health in the United States can make new heart muscles and new bones from the brain


tissue or other types of cells in the body. Scientists used the same cloning meth

Latest Developments In Science And Technology

od that created Dolly’s sheep (the first

cloned mammals) in 1996, overcoming the technical concerns of how to make batches of the body’s supercells for

more than a decade. The new technique, invented by scientists, is a variation of a commonly used method called

somatic cell nuclear transfer. This includes the transfer of the nucleus of one cell, the human DNA, to the egg cell

The fertilized egg cell grows and eventually produces stem cells. This process is

relatively efficient, requiring relatively few human eggs to produce each cell line, making it practical and feasible.

A “Human” force-giving mask on clothing Royal College of Art in London announced on May 9, 2013, that its

researchers had invented two 3D printed masks that could give the garment a “spectacular” look and feel. One of the

Latest Developments In Science And Technology

masks cover the wearer’s ears, mouth, and nose and uses a directional microphone to provide isolated hearing aid

in noisy conditions.  The camera captures the

video and sends it to the computer, which in real-time uses a set of effects on it and can send it back to the user.

The wearer can see patterns of movement similar to long exposure photography effects on the mask. According to the

developers, the technology has many applications. The wearer can use the visual mask to analyze movement and

Latest Developments In Science And Technology

technique in the sport. Attendees can put a hearing aid on a particular performer. Scientists find a way to make steel

more environmentally friendly according to a May 8, 2013 report, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of

Technology (MIT) in the United States has come up with a way to reduce smoke emissions during the steelmaking

process. As one of these polluting industries, it can go a long way in changing the image of steel. In addition, there

may be other advantages, as scientists say the resulting steel may have higher purity.

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