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Knowing your rights and being able to advocate for yourself legally in the wake of an accident is no easy task. The attorneys of Florin|Roebig law firm can help. If you get into a car crash or are the surviving family member of a loved one who has recently died in a car accident, you may be entitled to collect compensation.

List Of Common Causes Of Auto Accidents

Auto accidents in the United States can be influenced by a variety of factors, ranging from personal driving behavior to factors outside our immediate control—such as poor road conditions and the behavior of other drivers.

Annual research on the nation’s leading causes of motor vehicle crashes identify several common causes underlying the numerous crashes that occur across the country, varying somewhat by state and local region.

Common causes of auto accidents in the U.S. include:

  • drug or alcohol impairment (driving under the influence)
  • defective vehicle parts (e.g. brakes, steering, tires)
  • distracted driving
  • aggressive driving
  • speeding
  • traffic law violations
  • poorly maintained roads
  • malfunctioning traffic signals or worn signs
  • texting while driving

Common Car Accident Injuries

Motor vehicles are large and heavy objects that can, in some cases, offer protection in the event of a crash. However, they can also wreak significant damage, causing harm to yourself, a passenger, or any property through direct or indirect contact.

People often sustain serious injuries in auto accidents depending on the nature of the incident and your surroundings.

Common injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents include:

In severe cases, car accidents can also result in more permanent conditions, such as the loss of limbs, eye trauma, hearing problems, paralysis, and death. Individuals can also suffer psychologically in the aftermath of an accident.

People of all ages and backgrounds can be susceptible to negative effects on mental health as a result of an accident. You may notice yourself feeling more skittish, depressed, or anxious in the presence of any sound, object, or person that reminds you of your accident.

Any injury sustained from a car accident—be it physical or psychological—is worth taking seriously, even if the accident was minor. However, not everyone sees it this way.

Even people who have previously had good experiences with their auto insurance can find themselves having a difficult time receiving coverage for personal injury and property damage in the aftermath of a crash.

If you or a loved one is having difficulty securing coverage for auto accident-related damages, you may be entitled to file a car accident claim to secure appropriate compensation.

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