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6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica and 6 Hacks to Optimize Your Trip

6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica and 6 Hacks to Optimize Your Trip

Costa Rica is on everyone’s radar. Before I moved here, I was here too. I am fascinated by rainforests, beaches,

weather, and of course sloths. And don’t worry, I have a “sloth hack” for you to get up close and personal with one of

these furry magic balls. But since living here for over a year, there are many more things I have found that are truly

remarkable. And I’ve been looking for ways to take advantage of each of them. This list could easily be 25 Reasons to

Visit Costa Rica but I know No One Gets Time For That. So I managed to narrow it down to the top 6. Here are 6 top

reasons you must visit Costa Rica & travel hacks to optimize your experience. Reason: The Happiest Place on

EarthAccording to the Happy Planet Index, Costa Rica ranks first out of 151 different countries based on measuring

6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica and 6 Hacks to Optimize Your Trip

three different components: experienced well-being, life expectancy, & ecological footprint. What is remarkable

about Costa Rica is not this measure but what drives it. Culture is happier, less stressed, and (obviously) less

rushed. It’s contagious. While you’re here, you find yourself giving up on the same lifestyle and maybe even

wondering, “What did I go through?”Hack: Visit Blue ZoneThere are 5 regions in the world known as the “Blue

Zone.” These rare places are categorized as areas where people tend to stay the longest. The Nicoya Peninsula in

Costa Rica is one of them. Some features show why people stay longer here but instead of reading it,

just enjoy it. Maybe stay for a while. Who knows, you might leave a little younger. You can spend your entire trip just

in the Nicoya Peninsula and be satisfied, but here are the top places to see while FoodYou can find bananas in the woods

6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica and 6 Hacks to Optimize Your Trip

instead of alleys. Like the good old days of being human. I didn’t consider myself a foodie by imagination until I was

shocked to find myself obsessed with fruit. Actually, in America, I don’t like pineapple, mango, or papaya. But they

are so good here I shifted from disliking food to being one of my favorites of all time. Seriously, they’re good. And

bear fruit. I often walk around and come home with a dozen green or yellow mangoes just as they line the streets

where I live in Manuel Antonio. And don’t forget the coconut. You can buy fresh coconut water for a liter here for half

the price in the US (and not yet fully processed), or buy one right on the beach. Of course, there are traditional Costa

Rican dishes that you must try. Casado is a dish of Costa Rican rice, black beans, bananas, salads, & tortillas

6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica and 6 Hacks to Optimize Your Trip

accompanied by meat or fish of your choice. And don’t forget the door. It translates to “rooster” but don’t let

the name scare you. The only dishes are rice and beans. But don’t assume that this is just rice and beans. It seems to

be the best rice and beans in your life. Hack: Eat Coconut MeatCoconut water is the craze of many, but what if I told

you that meat is better for you than water? This can be quite a task to get it yourself but fortunately for you, there are

professionals around. Buy your coconut (‘pipe’, in Spanish) from the seller and then sip the water. When you’re done,

ask the seller to cut it in half for you. Take a spoon and enjoy the food.AbilityOften, travel outside the United States

can be very expensive. But it’s quite cheap to fly to Costa Rica.A simple online search (Google.com/flights)

6 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica and 6 Hacks to Optimize Your Trip

as I write this shows round-trip tickets from Los Angeles to San Jose, Costa Rica for $ 360, only $ 271 from Miami,

and as low as $ 260 from Atlanta. You can go to heaven for the price of one car. Not only can it be found here but the

accommodation is also affordable. Hostels right on the beach are $ 15- $ 25 per night, while standard hotel rooms

will accommodate you between $ 50- $ 80 … which isn’t a bad price to pay for heaven. But it doesn’t stop there.

Transportation to the city is often less than a dollar, and you can even take a local bus to another city for a few

dollars. Or fly with the world’s only carbon-neutral airline, Nature Air. They fly to over a dozen locations in Costa

Rica and are very affordable. Hack: Life in HeavenLiving here is also affordable. I have paid only $ 250 / month for a

new living room complete with a large outdoor kitchen.

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